Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Constitution Day

Who doesn't celebrate the 28th of June? And when the sun shines so beautifully and the sea sparkles so invitingly, how can one resist? Our last morning meeting at the church, James and I enjoyed participating in Tim's class on love. We divided into groups that created different new products and then had to try to sell them to the class. My group made a new cereal "Dried Animals with Sunflower Seeds" (it sounds little better in Russian). James' group developed a television show. The group shown, were demonstrating their new band by singing "My God is so BIG!" We had a lot of fun. Oh yes, and it did relate to love and how Jesus brought us a new kind of love--His kind.

James and I decided to go downtown to spend some special hours along exploring places that were special to us. We visited a park with a corridor of busts interspersed with park benches. At the end of the walkway we looked out over a lovely view of the sea with ships seemingly floating low on the horizon. Then we went to "Chaika" or "Seagull" for an elegant lunch where we feasted on three courses off of white linen and china for about $12 each. Then we wandered around the shops and markets buying cherries, CDs, and a six month anniversary present (for me).

In the evening, we attended the evening lesson (also on Love) taught by Sasha, the new preacher at the Mariupol Church of Christ. He is a great man with lots of energy, some playfulness, a little bossiness, and a wonderful heart and attitude. His wife Ira is the ideal helpmeet for him: wise, sensitive, and caring. In some ways, it's good we're not here for long. I'm afraid we'd fall in love with some people and never want to leave again.

After the lesson at the church building, a bunch of us tromped over to Tim and Mina's again for delicious (and fiery) kimch soup with rice and seaweed rolls. Such delicious flavors all in one! No wonder when James thinks of Ukrainian food, he mostly reminisces about Mina's cooking! I have a lot to live up to.



  1. dad & mom11:07 PM

    Hello dear ones,
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. So many prayers are being answered! Emory and Aspen are the only ones who showed up for small group tonight (Most of the rest were just getting back from the camping trip.), so Brady and the two girls took off to do something together. We had a georgeous day today; lots of sunshine. Our prayers are constantly with you. We love you both.

    "Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord"
    2 Peter 1:2-3

  2. james and andrea-i enjoy reading about your adventures in russia and the ukraine - it's very uplifting. what an encouraging and fulfilling trip for you guys:)


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