Saturday, June 17, 2006

Getting Ready

One green suitcase and one purple wait with yawning mouths for us to pack the belongings we'll need for our 19 day journey through the former USSR. We are both thrilled with the prospect of our trip: visiting old friends and familiar sights along with touring new places and sharing experiences that will be unique to us. At the same time, there are deep currents of fear of failing expectations, sensing the loss of what we used to have, or even experiencing some calamity along the way. However, we go having the peace of God's will and protection. Traveling as best friends and knowing that even the worst experiences make terrific stories and memories, we plan to have a fantastic voyage.

Having purchased our tickets to Kiev on April 29, and received our tickets in the mail about a week later, we were thrown in to a slight panic, Thurstday, to receive an email telling us that our tickets weren't "confirmed" and advising us to contact the company immediately. I spent the rest of that afternoon with a phone pressed against each ear trying to correct the situation and get James's advice on how to do it. At the end of the day, the situation still wasn't resolved, but we now know that only the last leg of the flight home (from Detroit to Anchorage) had been canceled by Northwest. However, they promise to find another way home for us, somehow. We just need to call back Monday morning to find out how.

James has the self-appointed responsibility to make sure we are gadget ready for this trip. This week he bought us a new camera and a battery for our laptop, and he is looking for a converter and a larger memory card for our new camera. I have been ordering travel clothes and bags from different online companies, but almost all of them have been sent back. It's almost like getting paid to see the refund credited back to the bank account! With just four whole days left until we take off, the time will be spent finalizing wardrobes, buying gifts, and packing carry-ons. Traveling is a lot of work, but so worth it!


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