Friday, April 27, 2007

Wedding Pictures

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, maybe because the nearly 1000 pictures that people kindly took of our wedding day and reception is slightly overwhelming! But I'm not complaining. How else could we tell that Jesse Munsell was blowing bubbles while I was walking down the aisle? Or that Tanya Scott was crying harder than my mother? How else could we catch James' dad crack a smile during the ceremony or see Brady, the best man, check surreptitiously to see if he did indeed have the ring. Well, maybe I'll post those pictures later.

All I can say is it makes scrapbooking a very daunting job. I have to admit though, being able to choose one shot from five different angles does have huge advantages. If only I wasn't making that goofy face in every one of them!



  1. That is too funny about Tanya. I miss having them here.

  2. Oh, you are soooo cute! I love that you had the veil over your face. We wanted to do that, but it didn't work with my particular veil.

  3. Ok you guys are constantly posting on the church website. I know how it is to get a new pet, their so new and exciting and get all your attention... But your old faithful blog here is starting to feel neglected. Come give him a little love and attention with a post eh? That would be just the treat to cheer him up.



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