Friday, October 31, 2008

For the Love of Pie . . .

Laura, at, has put together a beautiful eBook featuring trusted pie recipes that were sent in by people all over America. This book is free for anyone who is interested in downloading it and features a recipe or two from you-know-who. = )

While you are there, please check out Laura's blog and all of the wonderful resources for healthy home living and raising a godly family on the website. Her blog has become one place I visit daily for a dose of encouragement and blessing as I strive to make my home more godly, peaceful, and healthy. I also recently discovered that Laura is a York Christian College alumnus, and I know if we scratched the surface a little bit we'd probably come up with quite a few friends we have in common.



  1. andrea - i'm so excited you are knitting and crocheting! here is what i have found in yarns. alpaca is very scratchy - it feels so nice in a ball, but my kids won't wear it. i absolutely love merino wool and have started using that exclusively. i have found a brand that doesnt' shrink and wears incredibly well - it's what i make my kids sweaters out of. (riley is on his 3rd year of his sweater and wears it everyday in the fall/winter/spring) as far as getting it discount i have not found a place. but the yarn store in palmer is excellent! and there are a couple in anchorage (at least their use to be) i also really like the debbie bliss yarns - cotton or cotton/wool blends. but in alaska i would never do cotton, only wool (but that's me).
    as far as the expense. i know it seems like a lot, but i can knit a sweater for my kids out of the merino yarn i like for $80 (and that's a shock to me! but i know they will wear them a lot), so i'm sure a baby sweater would be $20-30and that's great for a sweater that will be worn a lot!
    here's the brand i like "karabella aurora" "8" is the worsted weight that i use, but you could get the sport weight. it is the best yarn by far i have found for kids sweaters.
    also, i have found that even though it is a shock at first about the price of yarn, it is always better to get the better quality because if you don't your baby wont' end up wearing it.
    love ya, and happy knitting/crocheting

  2. Hi, Andrea! I guess you didn't have to scratch very far, I know them! Not really well, but I've been in their house. It was neat to see their website and catch up on what's going with them. They have a really neat family. Thanks!


  3. Andrea,
    Great to hear from you by email and make some connections. Love your blog! Love your heart! I made a link to your post today. May God bless you richly!


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