Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pregnancy Progress

James laughed at me and took this picture when he saw my daily summer snack of cottage cheese and pickle. He said that this would prove I was pregnant like nothing else could.
I have to say, fresh tomato with salt and pepper was a better match for the cottage cheese.
Oh, and the mason jar is my new BPA free water bottle. The price was right!

Here's my four months pregnant picture from the beginning of September.

Here's my five months pregnant picture at the beginning of October. I think I'm saying,
"Please don't photograph me while I'm putting make up on."

Here's my six months pregnant photo taken at the beginning of November. My wardrobe is getting limited.

Here's another six month shot. There's really a baby in there!

And here's Titus, not really sure what he thinks of the whole situation.

So here are a few pictures you might have been looking for. I had such grand plans of taking regular photos in a similar location to carefully mark my progress through pregnancy. But when day to day is survival and James doesn't seem any more impressed with week 24 than week 24 and one day, it's kind of hard to have the impetus to have camera, camera card, photographer, and me looking and feeling somewhat photographable in the same general location. I'll be happy with these photos and not worry about perfection!

Well, I officially passed from my second trimester to my third. I have officially finished my sixth month as well and have entered into the seventh. Today I am 27 weeks and 3 days pregnant. At my 28 week mark, I will have another blood test, get a RhoGAM shot (to make sure I don't make RH + antibodies--if you're curious, ask), and officially start seeing my midwife once every two weeks instead of once every four. Whoo-hoo! I'm officially a very pregnant woman!

Bobo, code name for our unborn child, is growing and active. We've passed the furtive little flutter and tetative little kick stage and have entered the "let's see how far I can stretch" stage. So far, this is much more fun than painful. Bobo sometimes makes me jump in surprise when I get an unexpected kick to my tailbone or stops me in my tracks as I feel an elbow smoothly glide across my tummy. When I'm walking and moving around, the baby settles down, but as soon as I settle into my seat at church or work, I get little kicks and jumps that reminds me of a hatching egg. Thankfully, I'm a sound sleeper, because James says he can just watch my tummy at night as it jumps and moves around. When I put pressure on any one part of my tummy, I get a kick back. This is either, a "Don't crowd me, I'm cramped enough" or a "Hey, who's out there?" response.

Bobo and I have special moments too when I sing and talk to the baby while rubbing my stomach. I'm hoping that Bobo can hear Daddy too, because James gets all goofy voiced when talking to the baby and once started doing times tables. We are already talking about parenting strategies, but James reminded me that the baby is already listening . . . : )

Things are going well for us. We are really blessed. Please continue to keep our pregnancy, birth, and baby in your prayers.


  1. Baby Incoming!!!

    You look good, you actually look pregnant.

    I am curious what is in your hand in that second picture.

  2. Hee hee! Yes, the baby is already listening. Which is why you should continue with those times tables. :) Have you started working through the reading list yet? (The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is at the top of my list, should the need ever arise.)

  3. I'm so glad that you posted pictures of you looking pregnant! You look wonderful! As for James' goofy voice, just wait and see what he does after the baby is born! I love you and pray for you often.

  4. I am so happy for James and you. You definitely are starting to look very pregnant. Can't wait for the little one to arrive.

  5. Andrea, thanx for being one of my fans! My intention is to empower women through education and choices.
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  6. I just wanted to let you know you won Lansinoh diaper cream and wipes on my blog.

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    P.S. My son's name is Bo and we actually call him Bobo sometimes. :)

  7. Great info! I think we are at the same point. Right now, on 11/24, I am 29.5 weeks pregnant! You are looking very cute! I love actually looking pregnant and not in one of those weird, are you gaining weight- or are you pregnant- stages! I also will have a Rhogam shot, which they don't usually have in stock here in Kharkov. So, we are happy my doctor in Moscow recommended that we bring one with us! Hope you continue to feel and do well! Blessings on the little one. And we'd love to hear names when you pick them!!


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