Monday, November 17, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

I was personally "tagged" by Laura at, who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, to share seven possibly unknown facts about myself. I've dallied so long because I didn't think it fair to post only about me since this blog is about James and me, but I'll see what I can do.

You may not know that:

1) I was born in Fort Polk, Louisiana.
James was born at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.
Despite us both living in Alaska for most of our lives, our child will be first generation Alaskan (and, as James pointed out, one of the very few who was actually born in Peterscreek since there are no hospitals in our little town!).

2) James and I were both military brats—my dad was in the army and moved all over, his dad was in the air force and pretty quickly settled in Alaska.
Our children will probably never know what it’s like to see their daddy in uniform or shop at the commissary with Mama.

3) I was homeschooled starting at age two.
James went to public school. I actually subbed at his elementary and high schools while working my way through college. I even stood in for his favorite English teacher!
We both look forward to teaching our own children at home. James and I both love to teach and are excited about introducing our children to God’s amazing world.

4) I spent two years as a missionary in Moscow, Russia.
James spent two years as a missionary in Russian speaking Mariupol, Ukraine.
Even though we knew each other from church, we really became friends when we both showed up to an evening college Russian class while we were 17 and 18. Before the end of the semester, we were sweethearts.

5) On that following Christmas, I scribbled “I love you, James” for the first time in a Winnie-the-Pooh card. We remained best friends for the next five (sometimes rocky) years during which James and I lived in different cities, states, countries, and continents. Then I flew to Mariupol, Ukraine to be with James (and his team) for New Year’s. On New Year’s Day, we kissed for the very first time. It was two years later [Seven years! I knew how Rachel felt waiting for Jacob!], on New Year’s Eve that we finally sealed the promise of that kiss in marriage, but neither of us have ever dated or kissed another.

6) We house-sat for the first six months of marriage and quickly lost track of how many beds we shared our first year. We then spent nearly every penny of our wedding gifts and savings on a special three week trip to Ukraine and Russia to revisit our mission fields as husband and wife.

7) Titus is our out-of-wedlock child—I mean, pug. When my family lost our dear family dog, Esther, of 15 years, offers of puppies came right and left. When my parents were offered a four month old pug puppy, they immediately thought of James who had wanted a pug since childhood. So, Titus, born on January 8, 2005 (Brady’s 20th birthday), was adopted by me and taken care of by my family until James and I married that December, when he moved in with us. We adopted him even before James proposed to me, so it really is true that Titus “tied us.”
So, that's it. Those are a few facts about our life that you may not know. Maybe this is not as exciting as learning that we used to have a pet turtle as a child that accidentally got crushed by a rock : ( or that James used to compete in AutoCad competitions in high school (and win!), but I hope it gives you a little more reference for our lives.
Please consider yourself tagged! We'd love to learn about you and your life as well. Just leave a comment letting us know that you wrote seven things about yourself so that we can come over and learn about you too.


  1. Okay, that was just really sweet. Thanks for sharing!

    Chad would like to let you know that James' avatar at the side of the blog is also his avatar on Yahoo games. So, should the two of you ever play chess together on yahoo, it will be like meeting your twin. Or something.

  2. Fun info! I like reading about others like that!
    So, are you planning on doing a home delivery? That is actually illegal in Ukraine, if you could imagine!


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