Thursday, March 12, 2009

Five Things for Katie

These fun lists have been buzzing around our church family's blogs. I found a tag for James and I (from Katie) and a tag for "Bobo" (from Marie Williams). So I'll have to follow through.

5 Things We Were Doing 10 Years Ago
1. In February, 10 years ago, James and I were at the teen winter retreat. Brr!
2. James and I had barely been "dating" 3 months, and I was enamored with my sweetheart!
3. I helped James bake bread for his home ec. class (a senior "fluff" class) which was a disaster!
4. We were taking Russian 102 at Mat-Su college.
5. We were helping the church get ready to host the Alaska State Lectureship.

5 Things on Our To-Do List Today
1. Take care of all of Clara's needs. (checking)
2. Change out of pajamas before noon while tending Clara. (check)
3. Find an opportunity to feed myself while tending Clara. (semi-check)
4. Make the bed. (no check yet!)
5. Get dinner started. (Yay! CHECK!)
6. Consider anything else accomplished a bonus!

1. Go to work. (Check)
2. Go to meeting. (Check)
3. Get mail on the way home.
4. Cuddle Clara while dinner is being prepared.
5. Give Andrea a wonderful shoulder massage (okay, so I'm taking liberties here!).

5 Snacks we like
1. corn chips with melted cheese, salsa, and sour cream
2. cheese, summer sausage, and water crackers (our favorite picnic food)
3. ice cream
4. pear and apple slices
5. oatmeal cookies

5 Things We Would Do if We Were Millionaires
1. Buy a nice piece of property and build a house with a yard for Titus and a room for Clara and a washer and dryer for me and a garage for James!
2. Help the church in Alaska
3. Support missionaries
4. Set up retirement
5. Travel!

5 Places James and I Have Lived for Various Times
1. Born in Maryland and Louisiana
2. Both lived in Fairbanks and Lubbock at different times
3. Lived in Palmer and Wasilla at the same time
4. Worked as missionaries in Ukraine and Russia
5. Live together in Peterscreek, Alaska (Awww!)

5 Jobs That James and I Have Had
1. baby sitters
2. grease monkey at a tool rental shop/store clerk at a candle shop
3. janitor and carpet cleaner/book seller at Waldenbooks
4. English tutors at UAA (James also was a grader for a drafting graphics class)
5. AutoCad technitian and EIT at several engineering firms/ESL tutor at two high schools

5 People We Tag
1. Holly
2. Cynthia
3. Kristina (if she hasn't been tagged already)
4. & 5. And anyone who doesn't take themselves or their blogs too seriously. :)

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