Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Celebrations

I can't believe I didn't even pull out the camera for the gorgeous Easter themed breakfast and egg hunt at Grandma and Granddaddy Kuenning's house on Saturday morning. Everyone looked so nice and Clara received her first Easter basket! What was I thinking? At least Daddy had the presence of mind to snap a picture of Clara at her first wedding--right before she fell asleep in Grandma's arms and missed the whole ceremony.

You can barely see the aisle, but it was sweetly decorated in lavender gauze and lilacs. I'm glad Clara's not ready to go down one yet! I'm very content with having a couple of decades to go before then!

This is my sweet little girl in her Easter outfit--complete with pink ruffled tights and pink trimmed onesie. The bonnet was made for Clara by her great-aunt Kathlene and is actually a bridal handkerchief that Clara can save and carry in her own wedding someday--a LONG time from now. When I finished putting everything on her, I sat back and laughed so hard at how many frills and ribbons and layers I had put on her. I even left off the little satin diaper cover because it was just too much. She was a cherub throughout the whole ordeal.

This is my family. Isn't it amazing?

We captured these pictures on Easter afternoon at Gran and Grandpa Smith's house. We had a delicious ham dinner (with peach pie for desert) and the kids did a simple egg hunt in the yard after playing with their Easter toys. It was wonderful and relaxing. I think that as much as I used to enjoy holidays as a kid, holidays as an adult have their own charm and may even be more rewarding.
We have several sweet pictures with Gran, but we liked this one, because it looks like Clara is saying, "That's my Gran!" As she's pointing her little finger at her.

I thought this was cute as Grandpa captured a picture of Daddy recording Clara, and Mama gazing adoringly at Clara, while Clara gazes off into the distance (probably looking at Roan--the dog).

Jeremy and Sheila (James' brother and sister-in-law) were there with the kids. This is Sheila and Niqui (5 yrs).

Here is Drake (15 mos) caught in Grandpa's legs so he can't run off and get into trouble. I love how Drake's little hands mimic Grandpa's!

Here's Jeremy pulling his kids in the wagon. Isn't break-up beautiful?

These are the Smith ladies ooing over Clara while Jeremy does something with a hoola-hoop in the background.
And this is the sweetie that they are admiring--finally released from her ribbons and satin. Too adorable. And, for the record, we finally determined after extensive searching through baby albums--Clara has Daddy's nose. Good. Now people can stop making jokes about the milkman.


  1. I just love her smile in that last pic! And the Easter dress was lovely.

  2. But Andrea, the milkman also has daddy's nose.

  3. very very sweet. the frills crack me up!!! well, you'll pull out your camera NEXT year when she's big enough to toddle about and collect a few eggs perhaps :)

  4. I can't wait to hold her! See you in a couple of days.

  5. John and Lynn Berg5:26 AM

    James and Andrea,
    Thanks for sending the announcement of Clara's birth and this blog spot information. We will put it in our favorites and visit regularly.
    God bless your little family and we miss you all.
    John and Lynn Berg


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