Monday, June 01, 2009

One Year Ago Today . . .

. . . we learned that Clara was growing inside of me. The day after Brady and Aspen's beautiful wedding (we had stopped on our way home to buy a pregnancy test--and a bottle of folic acid, I was pretty sure!), I woke up and did the test before James got out of bed. The funny thing was while buying the test in the store, I read outloud, "Results within 3 days" meaning within 3 days of conception, but James thought it meant within 3 days of taking the test. So when I bounced back into bed thrusting the stick with the plus sign under his nose and the paper that explained what the plus sign meant into his hand (so that he could "read" the results for himself), he looked at me with confusion. After I explained what it all meant, we laughed and cried and kissed and prayed and began dreaming and planning together of our little one to come.

I sat in church that morning hardly able to comprehend anything in the world that was going on around me. I remember being aware of taking the Lord's supper for two and feeling like everyone around me must know our secret from the joy radiating from me. I could not wait to go home and research everything I could about our baby's development so that I could somehow "see" the little person forming in my womb.

And God has been so good. I do not deserve the precious blessing in our life that looks to me as "Mama." She has come into our world and changed everything making it richer, brighter, more beautiful, full of hope and joy and love. I am forever humbled that God gave us Clara to hold and keep and raise on this earth for His Glory.

Thank you, God, for Clara Joy.

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