Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our Sweetheart at 4 Months!

"What? Is that a typo?" You ask. No, simply a very behind Mama. Clara's 5 months now (as of 7-8-09), but since I didn't post for her 4 month birthday, I couldn't get ahead of myself, could I? Our main computer (with photos attatched) fizzled and had to be reset, so I haven't had a lot of opportunity to post the many wonderful pictures I took of Clara last month (and that's the important part of an update, right?) So here I go, belated again. I still owe you to finish the May Medley (again a picture issue), and I will soon post 5 month pictures of our little princess (I promise).

June was a busy month for us. Clara went to the doctor at her 4 month check up and weighed in at 17 lbs 6 oz and was measured at 25 inches long. She had a little cold, but got through. Yay! Also, at 3.5 months, she lost all of her hair on top! I was so sad and covered her head with lots of bonnets and things thinking that she may be bald until age two, like I was, but we were all happy when her hair started to come in again, and now she has about as much as there was before. Also, it seems to be more permanent, since the carseat and beds don't seem to rub it off anymore. Yay! Now I'll just pray that it gets curly. Okay, I'll love straight hair on her too. Her eyes are still pretty two tone, with a dark grey on the outside and a brown star in the middle. In different light, the grey can almost look blue or sometimes or like her eyes are all brown. It'll be interesting to see if they stay that way. They are very pretty.

~ ~ ~

I let Clara look at the mobile while I was making my bed and such. Clara is still in her bassinet. She's really too big for it, but she spends about half of her nights in our bed, the crib was (until recently) in storage at my parents, and we have been struggling to find a safe mattress solution. So, hopefully very soon we will be sidecarring the crib!

This is Clara right around 4 months old. She has good head control, but hates being on her tummy for long periods of time.

On her 4 month birthday I tried to put her into one of my old outfits. "It doesn't fit, Mama!" she seems to say here. Oh well!

New outfit time. She's cute without it too, though, huh?

So then I put her in these overalls and measured her from head to toe. No wonder I came up with 26 inches. Look at that stretch!

Daddy was sick and stayed home with us on Clara's 4 month birthday (I wonder where she got her cold from), and so he took this one, among others. Look how well she stands!

What a cutie! I love that smile. This month she started to laugh when I laughed. She had to get in on the joke!

Maybe I took a few too many pictures? No, she's too innocent for that. Isn't she cute!

Clara and Titus got to know each other better this month.

And bond as siblings in their mutual wonderment at their weird parents . . .

So much love and family cuddles!

Clara got to help Mama and Daddy plant flowers in the yard and only got a couple of tiny bites from mosquitoes. :(

Clara helped with laundry (thank you, God for my washing machine) which there seems to always be plenty of!

Clara got to spend time with Uncle Brady . . .

"Cousin" Chris . . .

and Miss Leslie (who taught her how to play cards) among many, many others.

But she got in some good Mama time too (Daddy pictures in another post).

And had a record number of blowout diapers. Goodness, Child! Let's hope cloth diapers help!

Big news . . . She can roll over! She started going from front to back first! Smart girl.

She knows someone in Westerville, Ohio loves her (as we all prayed for Grandma who suffered a stroke this month).

And she's an all around sweet girl.

We are so blessed!


  1. okay the naked rolly photo is taking my heart away. . . i love chubalub babies the BESTEST!!! what a sweet sweet girl. if you think you already have ENOUGH laundry. . . just wait til you make the switch. . less trash, more laundry :) thanks for sharing her with us. . . as usual.. . . . and i'll be visiting to see all the other promised updates very soon :)

  2. Gran Sally11:19 PM

    Thank you Andrea,
    I enjoyed every minute of it!!


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