Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(First) Day in the Life of a 5 Month Old

When Clara turned 5 months old (July 8, 2009), she weighed 19 lbs and measured 26 inches long. We were still sleeping with her in the bassinet next to our bed, although she was able to stretch her tippy-toes out to touch the bed from head to toe, and she used her sharp little nails to dig a hole in the mesh on the inside of the bassinet covering (silly girl!). She had started to roll over and over across the floor in a line, so she never fussed at tummy time, she just flipped! She also began to use her hands more and more to pick up and hold things, and, of course, if she could hold it, it went straight into her mouth!

On her 5 month birthday, I took pictures all day long to share with you. I’m sorry that it took so long to get them to you. Dare I hope that I’ll actually post 6 month pictures in August? : )

~ ~ ~

Okay, so to start off the day, Clara woke as usual in our bed snuggled somewhere under my arm. I hadn’t planned the pictures at that point, so you’ll have to imagine the rumpled bed sheets and sleepy mom and baby duo for yourself.

Then, I decided to take a shower while Clara entertained herself in a bouncer. She loves her pink star squishy thing (it crinkles). I poked my head out occasionally and got this adorable scene. So when I was done with my shower (note wet footprint and toes), I recreated the situation to get this photo:


Mid morning, we nursed. That photo didn’t turn out so great because the flash made Clara let go quickly which sprayed milk everywhere and revealed a little more than I was planning to in the photo. Oh well. I snapped this one instead:


Clara took a nap and now she’s up again! “Hi, Mama!”


Aren’t you going to pick me up?


Play time!


(For contrast, here is the same outfit on her as a 2.5 month old. Note, the coloring of the photo is deliberate—Daddy playing with the camera settings. You might not be able to tell, but the little dress comes past her knees.)


Clara likes her jungle gym. She even uses her feet!


Not quite as thrilled about the tummy thing. She got her arm stuck on her roll over too. Oops.


Not a happy camper anymore. Jungle gym time is over.


But Jumperoo time isn’t!


Look at that grin!


At the end of the afternoon, Clara was a little cranky (probably needing another nap, but we were going to be leaving to go to Wednesday night services very soon) so I took her outside. Being outside calms her right down. She loves to “pick” the flowers too! : )

IMG_6118IMG_6120 IMG_6130IMG_6116

Clara in her car seat waiting to go to Bible class. At least she’ll get a good nap during on the hour long drive!


In Mama and Daddy’s arms during and after Bible class.


Saying “Hi” to Gran Sally and Grandpa Glenn.


Getting a manicure from Grandma Carol (how many babies get to see ALL of their grandparents on their 5 month birthday?)


Playing with Uncle Isaac, Uncle Adam, and Nate.


Getting to know Colonel Pratt (up from Ohio/West Virginia to preach for us that weekend).


Clara likes being with all the people at church, even when it cuts into her sleep!

~ ~ ~

This section could be called: Anatomy of a Blow Out Diaper (or Why Cloth Diapering Appealed to Me So Much)

On our way home from Church, we stopped in Eagle River (about halfway) at Walmart for a pack of diapers (our last pack of ‘sposies, I hoped). Ironically enough, Clara who had been sleeping in the car, decided to choose that moment to wake and get our money’s worth out of her diaper—and more.

This is her delight at seeing Mama and Daddy through the rear window.


This is me assessing the best approach.


Yup, it’s bad.


Readying materials.


What in the world are you doing James? Oh, capturing the light at 10:30 PM and the sort of visible distant mountains.


Ew. Ick. Put the camera down, James. I need help here.


(undocumented section)

Putting Clara back together again

IMG_6163IMG_6164IMG_6165 IMG_6166

All better. And we even scrounged some clothes to wear from two other outfits.


Irresistible, kissable cheeks.


As a side note, that was one of the worst car diapering jobs I’ve ever done. Clara came though just fine. My lap didn’t. Ugh!

But we both came though just fine. We went home, Clara and I cleaned up and changed into jammies, then it was time for bed.

Good night, sweet 5 month old!

IMG_6172 IMG_6173


  1. you are too funny! in the four photos of the after new diaper section her face is cracking me up! (bottom right). good thing your "baby counter" is at the bottom of your blog, so no one knows that she's already 4 days into being 6 months old :) what a sweet girl, can't wait to hear even more updates! and those cheeks ARE irresistably kissable!

  2. I love this "a day in the life" idea! Seriously fun (and funny!) She's a cutie, Andrea.

  3. This is so cute! Loved the 5 month day. And green is definitely her color. The PJ's looked great on her! She is so smiley, which is so sweet! Max likes rolling too and is finally not getting stuck on his arm anymore. He likes his tummy and back, I think making equal time on both these days. And I love our bouncer. I keep it in the kitchen and use it when I'm in the shower too, so he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't, or so Canaan doesn't try to do anything with him that he shouldn't! All the pics are great! Peace...


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