Friday, November 13, 2009

An afternoon in the life of an 8 month old

I took a lot of pictures of Clara one day a few weeks ago. She must have seemed particularly adorable that day, maybe I realized how close she was to turning nine months, or maybe I just had the camera handy. But these are the photos I got that day.

This is the sight I see when I go to get after her nap (We turned the crib into a “side car” to make it more of an extension of our bed. This has been working well for us, for now). I love her enthusiasm to wriggle to me as fast as she can. I can always tell when she’s had a good nap when she’s chirpy and giggly afterwards. : )


Look, you can see her teeth here. TOO cute!

IMG_7158 So now Mama needs to do some things in the bathroom. Now that Clara can sit up well, maybe she can help me (I stepped back much farther than I was standing to snap these few pictures, don’t worry! I was guarding her tightly!).


Oh, and she always has to have her hands busy, so I gave her Daddy’s brush to hold. : )


“Oops!” She really did fall in!


Now it’s play time. Even though I retook this picture, I still think it’s cute! Silly Mama. : ) You can see I’m stretching her toys out with my pots and pans. She LOVES the Tails book and all touch and feel books. It’s funny though, we have been reading so many touch and even scratch and sniff books that she thinks she has too scratch and feel all of the pictures now. I’m trying not to feel guilty for confusing her!


There we go: more teeth and smiles. AND she sees me and the camera.


Look out! She’s coming for me! I think this session ended with kisses and tickles. I so love my little girl!


Well, there’s a few more pictures. Maybe I’ll keep doing this while going backwards until I either share all my pictures or we are ALL thoroughly confused! Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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  1. I would like to encourage you...I think you guys are awesome! I love getting to know Clara. She is precious. I hope you had a safe trip home.


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