Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clara learns how to eat a banana

I am so far behind in blogging—well, I’m so far behind in everything, so who’s surprised about blogging?—but there is so much to share with you about her and about our lives. I give up. I’ve got cute pictures, and I’m going to share them. : ) So here you go.

One of the amazing things about being Clara’s mama right now is just how much she is learning, growing, and changing everyday. I can’t keep up with all of the new things she is doing and trying and mastering! I forget that one week ago I wondered if she would ever do something, and here she is, doing it like a little pro. Still, on the other hand, there are so many things she has yet to learn. So many, many, MANY things! Like, for example, eating a banana.

“ No, no, Sweetie. Not like that. Let’s try another way.” (For anyone cringing at this photo—the banana IS organic, this happened for a split second while I took the picture and no longer, and I had handed the banana to her and SHE decided to put it in her mouth).


Alright, Clara, you have your bib on. Are you ready for the banana now?” Can you tell that I am not a fan of my highchair? Oh, and the outfits were because we had TWO banana eating sessions on different days.


Here you go!”



“Do you like it?”


I think that’s a “Yes.”


Banana cheeks!


All done!”


Bananas are really a neat invention of God. : ) They are soft, sweet, and lightly flavored and perfect for little people. Plus, LeiLoni Bowlus taught me this trick, they come in thirds. Did you know that? Take a portion of banana and gently press into the center of the top and tug down on a section of the banana and it will neatly divide into three sections. Amazing. : )

Well, that’s Clara’s post of the day.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    Your little girl is a darling! If I might ask you a question....

    I saw a comment you made on Lindsay's (Passionate Homemaking) blog about taking Supermom Vitamins and a cod liver oil supplement. I've been taking cod liver oil, and I just found out that I'm pregnant with #3. I've been taking Rainbow Light prenatals, and they are ok. I've read a lot about the supermom ones, and really could use the increased energy! The cod liver oil I take is Green Pastures. Do you feel it is safe to get that amount of vitamins D and A? I've researched the vitamin D part, and I know that you can take a lot more than the USDA recommends. (I'd listen to Nourishing Traditions over the USDA any day anyway!) But since NT doesn't recommend prenatals, but I feel like I need one, I would like to take the best one possible. What was your experience? Thanks!


  2. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Love that little banana eater!!!

  3. Hi Lindsay! I'm afraid that I can't write you directly as your blogger ID is blocked from the public, but you are welcome to write me: james.and.andrea at gmail dot com

    I did take SuperMoms my entire pregnancy and am glad I did. They gave me energy and didn't upset my stomach (I ran out one day and took some others I had on hand--ugh!). I trust the company they come from--Beeyoutiful--and find they make a big difference in my daily life now as a mama in how well I get through the day.

    I also took grapefruit seed extract in pill form (to keep away yeast problems--it worked!), vitamin C occasionally, cod liver oil, and later added vitamin D. I've read a lot recently about D being positive in keeping away illness and helping babies prenatally. All of these things were positive for us. I can't speak to having too much vitamin A, though, as I'm not sure how much is too much.

    The one thing I regret, though, is not taking more trace minerals. I used Real Salt. The SuperMom vitamins also have minerals in them. But in six months of pregnancy I went from having strong teeth that my dentist praised to having weak, corroded teeth that made the dentist lecture me. I sincerely believe that corrosion is a clear sign of mineral deficiency. With my next baby I hope to remedy that somehow by taking some sort of supplement, not only for my teeth, but also so I don't inadvertently deprive my baby of important nutrients. AND I'll be chewing Xylitol gum! I've been thinking of getting a hair analysis to determine just which minerals I'm lacking, but I'm not sure yet.

    I hope that helps! : )

  4. Lindsay12:12 PM

    Thank you for your input. The OB/GYN I have is not really "up" on nutrition. (During my last pregnancy, she asked if I was taking a prenatal; I told her I was, and that was as far as that conversation ever went!) I appreciate your willingness to share your experience :)


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