Thursday, February 11, 2010

Andrea bakes a Cake

This is my first true decorated cake (I bake pies for James every year for his birthday). Though I made a cake that looked like a stack of pancakes for Mom’s birthday once and a cake that looked like a Snicker’s bar for Melody’s birthday in Russia, this is the first time I wanted my icing to be smooth, my edges to be crisp and neatly bordered, and so on. It was a knee quaking attempt for me. But this is my first child and my first child’s birthday, I can’t imagine a better place to start! Thanks, James for not letting me wiggle out of this one. I would have regretted not doing this for my baby girl’s first birthday!


Titus’ favorite hangout in the kitchen--between Mama’s feet.


On Thursday, I made the butterflies and roses at my mother’s house. My mother also gave me a quick tutorial on the whole decorating process.

These butterflies were made with Colorflow icing (you can get the mix from Wilton’s) on wax paper over a coloring book printout we got off of the internet.


On Friday, I baked the cakes, layered them with raspberry jam between the layers (yum) and iced them as well as I could. I set them outside to harden before icing, but it was snowing and I had to dust off a few flakes before I could get started. Oops.


On Saturday, I decorated. The edging was a little challenging, and it really is a bunch of connected globs, but at least they are semi-consistent globs! The lettering was difficult too, but I followed a friend’s advice and wrote into the cake ahead of time with a toothpick. It doesn’t exactly flow gracefully, but at least it is neat!


Once the lettering and edging was done, the rest was a piece of cake (ha-ha)! Piping green vines and leaves was a lot of fun, and I got to add a little rosebud here and there. It was fun placing my roses and butterflies all over the place too.


I used extra cake batter and icing to make the little cake. I really am loving the rose and butterfly, pink-and-purple combination. It’s taking me back to my little girlhood!


The “Grandma” and the “5” were a surprise for my mother, who shares Clara’s special day.


So, is that enough pictures of my cake? I have more! Do I seem just a teensy bit happy with it? : ) Just wait. I already have plans for next year!


I think she liked it!



  1. Impressed with the flowers. Mom, taught me how to make icing roses when I was younger, but I tried recently, and was surprised just how difficult they are to get right,

  2. I love her dress!

  3. Andrea!!! You did an excellent job!!! The cake is soooo pretty:)

  4. good job mama. . . i don't think i'd have the patience for "clean edges" and all the other awesomeness! plus, weren't you sick like two days before her birthday! you are MOTIVATED and did a great job!

  5. Your cake looks and sounds yummy! Happy Birthday Clara and Carol!

  6. It all came together perfectly, Andrea. Great party, beautiful cake, delicious meal, perfect Birthday Girl.
    Love Dad


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