Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We finally bought a car seat!


We now own the Britax Roundabout 50 in Pistachio (beautiful tan color with light green dots). I’ve been eyeing it for sometime, but last week I saw it was on sale at Amazon! The seat is like the original Roundabout except for being more adjustable in the seat, and giving Clara 10 lbs and 10 inches more to grow before needing to upgrade to a booster. It could have comfortably held her since birth, since it starts a 5 lbs, but we appreciated our Graco SafeSeat for it’s comfort and convenience many times. We haven’t tried this one out yet in a car, but I think it is going to be a winner.


We are seriously considering buying a second car seat for the other car. We drive both regularly (we aren’t a mini-van family quite yet, my car is more roomy, his gets better gas mileage), and this seat will be difficult to move back and forth. Anyone think we should go for the “Cowmooflage” version? I think it would look terrific against the Saturn’s black interior. :)



  1. We have cowmooflage! (in the marathon) It was our first britax. We have one for each child now. Our kids love it. We have the Cow Seat, the Lightning McQueen Seat (it's red and black), and the Flower Seat. Assigned seats; they're possessive over their seats, lol. Anyway, love the new seat! It's adorable! (as is the little girl sitting in it, how did she get so big?!)

  2. Wow! She looks thrilled to be in that new car seat!


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