Friday, August 27, 2010

The HAIR Post

This is us.  (Aww!) And a good picture of my hair length over my shoulders BEFORE Colorado.


This is me (and Clara) and a picture of my hair in back.  What a mane!  It would be hardly bearable in a different climate!

Andrea's Long Hair

And here, ta-da!, is my hair AFTER Great Clips.  She took my mane and evened it and layered it, and my hair looks healthy and happily curled up without all the weight pulling it down!  Notice, I’m not even wearing hair clips!   IMG_8864

Here is an attempt to show the back of my head.  Notice that I’m tilting my head back and my hair barely comes to my elbow.  This is huge for me! :)  I think  I got at least 5 inches off at the longest.  I am so glad I had a woman who knew what she was doing and really did a good job.  I looked and asked around for someone recommended by others, but I finally had to just go some place for the sake of time (and a babysitter).  I was blessed to find “Roxy.”  I even left my coupon for a Great Clips $9.99 haircut at home.  I really didn’t want a $9.99 value haircut, I wanted a $40 hair cut, just cheaper!  I really think I got a good one!  I think in the future, I will use the coupon, and give a better tip.  She did a GOOD job. :)


Here is my hair in Denver. It responded a little differently, but was still fun and bouncy.


And THIS was the reason why I did it!


I loved having my hair up like this!


I made that flower myself out of a glue gun and some scraps from Clara’s dress—the night before the wedding!  I’m crazy!


Ah.  Princess for a day.


And I think I like my everyday look too.  It’s still considered long, James likes it, I don’t feel like my hair’s all gone, but it looks and feels healthy, light, and bouncy.   I won’t think about the fact that it will probably take 5 years to grow it all out again. 

Oh, and a weird fact (since I’m still talking  about my hair), I learned, once the heavy weight was gone, that a few strands of my hair refuse to curl naturally!  I wet them, I gel them, I twirl them, nothing.  So I give in and quickly curling iron those strands after showering and they stay long enough.  I wonder though if they’ve always been that way or has giving birth or some other trauma made my hair straight!  Weird.  Something to think about. :)


  1. I like it Andrea!!!

  2. The hair cut looks great! I've always loved your hair.

  3. Gorgeous! I love great haircuts. And I think your hair looks great a bit shorter! Does look more lively and bouncy! Congrats on the good one. And, I'd love to see a pic of your dress. Maybe it is on another post that I missed. I am just catching up after a long break. Congrats on number 2! I am excited for you. It is so different from one. Lots of fun, lots of work. But you learn even more abotu your priorities! :)


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