Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank you, God!

*Steps on Soapbox*
Ahem. As a Christian, it has been a grating annoyance over these past few weeks approaching Thanksgiving to see that the attention toward thanksgiving is divided into four categories: A) Food, B) Football, C) Shopping, and D) Thanking all the nice people in our life for what they do for us. Frankly, I'm fed up. All the woman oriented stuff in my life clamors to tell me the VERY best recipe for stuffing, nerdy articles purport the difference between the yam and the sweet potato, and diets offer me tricks to not over do it on the Big Day (of eating, I presume). My husband is not among them, but I've been hearing football talk all week. I don't even get it enough to talk about it. The newspaper, Internet, and mail announces all the big sales starting early Friday morning (I've been reminded to wear good shoes and shop with a friend so we can split up and comparison shop). And lots of nice meaning people in my community have said thank you, in general, to me and others for working in a school district where God is not allowed. Agh!
I wish America could experience another winter of starvation and disease to humble us a little! Okay not really. But Thanksgiving is no longer a day when we humble ourselves before God in appreciation for His salvation and His bountiful blessings and has become a day focused on us again. Sure, enjoy the bounty of Autumn Harvest foods, thank those around you for their tireless service to make your life easier, take advantage of good sales to stay on your Christmas budget, and go ahead and watch a bunch of guys in weird suits running around a muddy field with a squash-sized ball, but let's stop the crazy cycle, slow waaay dooown, and get on our knees to thank the Father for it all, because we don't deserve life let alone the abundance we all have. Then let's live each day with a spirit of thankfulness and humility for all of God's good gifts.
*Steps off Soapbox*

For all our dear friends and family who are still checking up on us through all the fits and starts of this pitiful blog, thank YOU for being such an important part of our lives. You are a blessing from God in a miriad of different ways. Thank you for your love and encouragement.

May God bless you with a special Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones and the reminders of God's many different blessings.


  1. Brandon2:13 PM

    I know what you mean. I have felt that Thanksgiving is pretty much a joke. I especially think the excessive amount of food has become a joke since we really don't eat much less at any other gathering. And did we all forget about that little sin of gluttony? :o)

    Of course nothing is wrong with these celebrations, but we must ask ourselves what is right with them. And when we have the answer to that firm in our minds, then I think we have found a closer meaning to what it means to be thankful.

  2. Andrea, I just ran across your blog. I am glad to have found you and tried to catch up on your life a little bit. Look forward to reading more about what is going on. Toni Burns

  3. Andrea,
    I found your blog through a comment you left on Toni's! How funny!
    We have so much to be thankful for, you are right! Our aim is to be thankful EVERYDAY, right?! I just love the holidays for time off to be with family!
    Glad to find you. I love this blog stuff!

  4. Good firm point but amusing too - well written. Haven't talked to you in ages!


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