Saturday, April 26, 2008

Broken Record

Note that this man is in short sleeves (probably most people did not have hats or gloves--the snow started mid morning) and some poor soul planned to ride their bike home.

Okay, so you're going to think that all we talk about is the weather here--and you might be right (why not? It's so interesting)! But after a week of gorgeous weather, temperatures in the 60's (at least on sunny afternoons), total snow melt off, a few brief uses of AC in our hot cars, and jacket less walks with Titus--15.5 inches of snow fell in Anchorage yesterday, April 25, officially breaking our record for snow in April in Anchorage at 29.7 inches. If you don't think that's nuts--you're nuts! It's SPRING, People! Officially and unofficially! Hey, we celebrated Easter over a month ago!

This morning, I gaped when I came into the living room and looked out our huge windows at trees outlined with snow on every limb, branch, and twig, all the cars covered with snow, an overcast white sky, and lots of snow everywhere. I went back into the bedroom and shouted, "Merry Christmas, James!" We're pretty sure that there is more snow now than there was in December. It's nuts. It's not global warming, it's global reversing--we're becoming the southern hemisphere! Walking Titus through the thick wet slushy white stuff was not pleasant, though, like walking through the powdery or crunchy stuff of cold winter days. It's obvious that this isn't here to stay, but still, the inclement weather took a man's life in a car accident in Anchorage yesterday. It seems a silly, frivolous snow to be so life changing.

My little tomato sprouts in the windowsill don't much care how cold or snowy it is outside. In fact the bright white snow might just reflect MORE light in here than before. It was depressing though to turn on the heat again after such a beautiful week. However, my darling little tomato seedlings are not what my heart goes out to. What I am thinking of are the little lettuce, radish, and cabbage babies trying to grow at Spring Creek Farm up the road. This year is our first experience with a CSA box. We pledged to give the farm $550 in exchange for a box of fresh seasonal veggies every week starting mid May for as long as the season lasts (usually until late October). I am excited about the challenge of using the vegetables we are given in the seasons God made them grow, supporting a local farm, and getting fresh, healthy, organic vegetables. We will be sharing our box with the Cannons, from church, so that we won't waste any of the precious greens. If we don't have enough while sharing, then next year we'll have to just each get our own! Still, this spring is turning into a lousy growing season, and I feel pain for farmers who are working to bring young vegetables to fruition in this crazy weather! Well, I'll shop the farmer's markets this summer and probably make it up to them *gulp* from my wallet!

Photos (other than the mailman) were taken by James who risked his life to show you how things looked outside yesterday!

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  1. That IS CRAZY!!! I am so glad it didn't snow here in May. It was cold enough, but it didn't. I understand about a bunch of weather is interesting when you get so many extremes. So, here, it looks like on June 2nd, it might get up to 60. We hope so; it has been cold lately (highs in the 40s/50s), and I want some nice hot days (70s is fine!).


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