Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clara is one month old!

. . . and a few days. : ) Here are a few pictures Grandma Kuenning took of Clara on her one month birthday. Isn't she cute?

She's got dimples!

And Mama, never too far away.


  1. She's adorable! That second one looks a lot like you.

  2. okay. . she totally looks like you, the sideways smile thing is SO cute. . can't believe how fast this month has gone, i'm sure it's been even faster as you watch your sweet small one grow. . . she's perfectly delicious and wonderful!!!! she's a chubber. . . way to go mama!

  3. Andrea, I just enjoyed catching up on your blog. Can you believe our babies are already overs month old? I loved all the different facial expressions in the pics. I love seeing all of max's. The 5 things post was enjoyable to read, and the never forget post was precious. It is good to write those memories down bc it is too easily forgotten as they grow and keep you busy. Take care. Peace....Lucy


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