Thursday, April 09, 2009

Clara is two months old!

Eight Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

What a blessing it is to be mother to an adorable, happy little girl! I love little boys, but our little princess is an absolute ray of sunshine. Plus it's kind of fun that she's one of the only baby girls at church right now after a whole passel of baby boys have come along. I feel so undeserving of her and so honored to be a special person in her little life.

Each morning I wake up to little coos and gasps of joy. When I look over at Clara, she smiles the biggest, gummy grin and kicks her legs in delight. I am amazed that my groggy, squint-eyed self could put that much excitement in anyone in the morning. What a beautiful way to wake up! After breakfast for both of us and some quick chore time for me while she happily babbles to her toys in the bouncer, we usually end up taking a nap together in the recliner.

I love this life! Sure, I don't get much done, but no job could pay better than dimpled smiles or have better benefits than snuggles. I thank God for a sweet husband who doesn't stress or fret when the dust bunnies multiply and pitches in with dinner or helping with Clara in the evenings if I wasn't able to get things going on my own. I honestly have no idea how people do it with a baby and a toddler!

At Clara's six week check up, she weighed in at 12 lbs. 9 oz., almost exactly 4 pounds more than at birth, and 23 inches long. I have to find an accurate way of weighing her at home so I can continue to track her growth. It's wonderful to know that all of her growth in her life so far came through my body providing her nourishment. I love that she's getting chubby from my milk! Amazing. God's plan is so perfect. I think I'll feel sad when I am gradually replaced by mashed peas and applesauce, but hopefully we will both be ready for the transition when it comes.

Anyway, that's a little update. She's perfect and adorable! What's new? : ) Thanks for putting up with my mushy sentimentality. I'm still so in love!

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  1. oh she is too cute. i love the weekly pix you tossed in because she obviously has changed so much from week to week. what a wonderful chubby-kins baby!!! LOVE IT!!! I feel so blessed to have a little girl too. . there's just something so wonderful about girls isn't there? And yeah. . I don't know how people do it with a tot and a babe, I guess I'm about to get a lesson in the school of hard knocks eh? Thankfully I have a tot who is a little bit older. Thanks for the update. . . .she's wonderful!


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