Wednesday, June 03, 2009

May Medley Part 2: My First Mother's Day

With my first Mother's Day came so many special memories. On Saturday, the three of us spent the day with the Kuennings walking around the massive and picturesque Lake Eklutna (or rested while I nursed the baby as this picture shows).

Brady and Aspen (aren't they cute?) just celebrated their 1st Anniversary on May 31st.

While the guys (and Aspen) Geo-cached,

I carried Clara in my Mei-Tai and walked and talked with Mom (and whoever happened to be near).

Afterwords, we enjoyed a lovely and relaxing dinner at the Kuenning house.

Clara got to sit in Mom's new highchair.

Everyone was exhausted.

I received three cards: a sister card,

a mom to daughter card,

and a father to daughter card (which isn't cooperating, sorry--any bloggers know how to fix this?).

I also received a beautiful blooming hanging basket of pink petunias (this isn't it, but it was similar!).

Sunday morning I was ridiculously excited that when the kids handed out carnations to all of the mothers, I wouldn't have to shoo them away saying, "I'm not a mommy yet!" So when I had a lopsided yellow flower thrust into my hand I grinned. Although I surreptitiously swapped it out for the prettier pink one that Adam handed me. :)

Here it is! My first Mother's day carnation.
I loved snuggling little Clara to my chest in the little brown and white stripped dress with the matching diaper cover that I had worn as a baby. It was such a wonderful day to be a mother!

This is the one of the only pictures I have of Clara in her cute dress. Not long after that we had an *ahem* exploding diaper incident and she had to wear something else.

It was Caitlin's first Mother's Day too, and Mollie's first visit to church!

However, basking in the meaningful Mother's day sermon my dad had prepared was not to be. Right after communion, my mother started having chest pains. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Did you know that Carol is going to the hospital?" I just looked at him shocked and said, "You mean my mother?" He said, "Yes, she's in the office." I just made a beeline back there with Clara. We were pretty sure that she was having a gallbladder attack from having a tiny bit of cream in her coffee that morning without taking an enzyme to go with it. Poor Mom! I was so glad that we had celebrated together the day before. Someone else preached in Dad's place while they left to make sure that Mom was okay. She was, (Thank you, God) and ended up resting at home the rest of the day. I was glad we had celebrated together the day before!

Mother's Day afternoon we spent with the Smiths (I'm sorry, the camera was relaxing too!). I just love relaxing over there. It's becoming a habitual Sunday afternoon nap spot for me. : ) Sally cooked a delicious dinner for us (even though she was a mom too); it was ready as we walked in the door. Then Jeremy, Sheila, and the kids came over for a while. The Smith's gave me a beautiful hanging flower basket of fuchsias for Mother's Day. So pretty (although these aren't mine. I borrowed the picture!).

I truly felt blessed and special. All I needed was my little cutiepie, and I got so much more!

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  1. We had a diaper explosion on Easter. I guess I should start investing in two nice outfits for days like that. What kind of Mei Tai is that? It's very pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate all the support! We do have rental insurance, but it's liability only. Plus, since the whole incident isn't our fault I don't think it makes a difference. I agree about my mind being all over the place. I really could use a little break.


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