Monday, September 28, 2009

Three Quick Plugs

I have become terribly addicted to entering online giveaways recently, because . . . it works! God has been so good in giving us some special things for our family: cloth diapers, an EmmaLu carseat cover, and an ecousable water bottle, for starters. As I said before, I do not want to bug you all (mostly friends and family hoping to learn more about our life and see pictures of Clara) with notices of giveaways and baby stuff blogs to link to, but every once in a while I find something that is either too fun to pass up, or something you all might enjoy too. Here are three quick things I’d like to share with you (hint: if you like to do Where’s Waldo and I Spy all three things are right here on our blog if you can find them).


Ugg, the makers of soft, comfy, warm, sheepskin lined boots are giving away a free pair of Whooga boots every month to people who have a link (like the one above) on their blog or website. Click on the link to find out how you can enter. It’s very simple.


Madsen Cycles is doing something similar in giving away one bike per week to people who link, tweet, and subscribe to their website. Look at what a neat bike that would be for going on family bike rides or picking up groceries! Check out how you can enter as well. If you notice in my sidebar, my Madsen link is small and unobtrusive, so they have many varieties to fit your blog style.


Last but not least, Swagbucks is my new favorite thing. Swagbucks is a search program (I believe it runs through Google) that allows you to search for anything you would normally search for, but rewards you randomly with Swagbuck “bucks” which you can save up and redeem for all kinds of things. I’m amazed at the gift cards. Save 45 Swagbucks and turn them in for a $5 Amazon gift card or turn 70 Swagbucks in for $5 Paypal dollars anywhere! Wow! Just for using a search engine! It’s fun! I downloaded their new toolbar, and I have received special Swagbuck codes to plug in to get free bucks all month.

My tip for maximizing your Swagbucks earning is to download the toolbar and use the Swagbucks search engine instead of the web address window. For example, when I want to go to gMail, Facebook, Amazon, etc. I “search” for them instead of inputting “”. Very often, I’ll earn one, two, or even three Swagbucks just for going somewhere that I go to all the time anyway.

If you’d like to be nice to me, joining Swagbucks from my referral link, helps me win more Swagbucks. I do hope you’ll give it a try. So far, I’ve earned $15 in Amazon gift cards and $5 from Euphoria Baby. At the rate I’m going, I will be able to get a significant discount on Christmas gifts this year!

P.S. Do you think I said Swagbucks enough in these three paragraphs? Swagbucks!


  1. super cool. . . i need you to write a blog with ALL the diaper sites and contests you enter, i can't believe all the dipes you've won. .awesome! love swagbucks, gonna try to download these and start earning some freebies. . and i'll use your reference. keep sharing!!! and did a cloth diaper post about airi. .. mostly just to show her off :) i get overwhelmed with the options and opinions still, so what we have is working for us and when she grows out of some of it, i'm sure i'll be excited about shopping for some fun new things :)

  2. totally just did swagbucks, hope you enjoy the rewards for the referral. . and now i'm referring friends (but through my own cuz i'm a cheater like that :)


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