Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Clara gets a Balloon

So, with less than a week until Clara’s birthday, party planning is in full swing. Last Friday, I dragged James out with me to shop for party supplies (it’s a good man who will spend his Friday night giving his opinion on pink paper plates). When we checked out at Party Craft, they offered Clara a balloon. Usually I say no, but I was feeling festive so we took a yellow helium-filled balloon home with us. Clara loved having its companionship in the back seat, and we could hear her bopping it all the way home.

Here it is the next day, while we were making pizza:


There’s my whole family—even the balloon!


So cute even when she’s messy!


Five days later, the balloon STILL doing great! I’m impressed. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a latex balloon do so well!


I think it’s cute that she even knows how to crawl while holding it.


I thought that she was having a hard time holding the string the other day, but then I realized that she’s playing an opposite version of “let go-drop it-you pick it up” and had invented “let go-float it-you pull it down”. She’s one smart cookie.


When she’s on our bed, she can reach it herself.




IMG_7728 IMG_7720

Titus likes to pose in pictures I take of Clara. Poor dog. He’s not the baby anymore!


So, I think what this means is we will have balloons at Clara’s party. I just love watching Clara explore her world and learn the physics of things. Of course, we will use the utmost precaution with the strings and any popped pieces, but what cheap, innocent fun for an almost-one-year-old!


  1. :D That's so cute! I love watching little ones explore new things for the first time...for a moment I get to see the wonder of the world through their eyes again. :)

  2. the mylar balloons we had for alani's first bday were a big hit too :) wow, can it be a whole year has almost passed since these precious little baby cheeks came into your life? hope you got my FB sentiments this morning. . . cry your eyes out mama, it's okay!!! you can cry for pride and love and thankfullness that God has trusted you with such a beautiful creature to call your daughter!!! Sometimes I can't believe God would think me worthy to be the mother of the girls He has given me. . . .and on a lighter note. . .that dress Clara is wearing is about the sweetest thing in the world!!!

  3. That's so cute! I love the "drop it" game part. That last picture with Titus is soo sad - but I admit to laughing.

    My 2nd memory is of my mom bringing home a green balloon for me when I was about 16 months. I remember the initial thrill when I saw it, and I remember having it in my fist as I leaned into my toy box.

  4. Too cute!! I also love how the kids explore everything around them and learn about their ever growing world. And didn't mean to sound negative, if I did, on FB about enjoying your kids as they grow. I know you do, the way you talk about Clara and the blogs you write. Keep taking lots of pictures too!. I love to look back on Canaan's old ones...he seems to be looking like a little boy these days, instead a toddler! Growing up so fast!
    Peace and blessings! And have a great party!

  5. I remember those days. It's funny, with Mikaela we had a huge party, for Faith we had a small party, for Eli we had just my parents over--poor Daniel probably won't even get a cake!
    Miracle (I'm signed in as Dave)

  6. I love her face in the crawling pic-- maybe it's the angle, but she looks so serious about this crawling business!


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