Sunday, February 07, 2010

Clara’s 1st Birthday Party!

When Clara got up from her crib this afternoon, Daddy had come home with a surprise. Clara was SO happy about her balloons that she didn’t let them go without me prying them from her fist!


She held them while she ate . . .


She held them while Mama tried to nurse her . . .


She held them while tasting her first birthday cake . . .


She even held them while opening presents.


She loooves her balloons.

* * *

We had a wonderful birthday party this evening. I feel so blessed to have a family so loving and flexible that not one of my four men-relatives uttered a peep of protest for me scheduling Clara’s party during the biggest football game of the season. Oops. It was so nice to have a party in our own home. Even though 15 people in our apartment was a little tight, it was Clara’s home and I felt so blessed to be able to welcome everyone to my house.

We had a dinner of taco salads/straw hats, whatever you call them. They were easy, flexible, and a good food for Clara (and the other kids, of course). I had fun setting the table all pretty with pink and lace, glass jars of juice and water, purple and pink plates, and butterfly napkins, but I don’t have a picture of that on my camera.


We enjoyed a cake made from scratch (Wilton’s recipes online are so helpful!) and my first attempt at decorating. I am SO glad I did. With mom’s help on the colorflow butterflies and roses, the rest of the cake came together really fast . . . and was actually a lot of fun!


Then Clara opened presents by tearing pieces of paper off bit by bit and giving them to Daddy (a few ended up in her mouth).


I was so glad that all of our local family was there. Here is James’ brother Jeremy’s beautiful family (and Clara):


The kids got to have some play time too—uncles and cousins.


Granddaddy Kuenning played with Clara and some of her wonderful new toys.


Grandpa Smith is already teaching Clara how to work a camera.


We finished off the evening with a goofy rendition of clay-Pictionary (courtesy of James) where everybody won!

(Here Granddaddy is doing a sculpting of a gorilla on snowshoes. Who thought of that? And who guessed it? : )


Everyone went home happy (I hope!) and braved the icy roads to the Valley while we cherished our little not-yet-one-year-old for a little longer.

Mama nursed while Clara showed her moves.


Then we cuddled and snuggled and kissed.

IMG_7839 IMG_7840

How I love my Clara-girl!


But Daddy rocked her to sleep. Our little princess was tired!



What a wonderful end to a special year. What an unbelievable gift and blessing God has placed in our arms.

We love you, Clara Joy!


  1. that was so sweet Andrea, thank you for sharing :)

  2. Precious! And your cake looked awesome! I am so impressed! Happy Birthday to your little girl! Glad it was a great time for you all! Grace and peace,
    Lucy and fam.


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