Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blueberry Smoothie Mornings

Clara and I have been enjoying smoothies several mornings a week.  I try to pack it full of the good stuff: frozen berries and bananas, milk, yogurt, cinnamon, coconut oil, and (recently) this good stuff.  Clara eats it up.  Literally.  She has gotten to be quite a pro with the straw, and she is over her aversion to cold things (she likes sucking on ice chips now!).  My only difficulty is that this meal requires constant monitoring (Does anyone know of a sippy made of safe materials that would allow thick fluids through the straw?).  Thankfully, Clara is a dainty eater anyway.  Yes, she can make a mess, but she tends to do so in a very lady-like manner. :)


IMG_8031   IMG_8032   IMG_8035  IMG_8037    IMG_8042IMG_8041   IMG_8039

Yum.  A nutritious and delicious way to start our day!


  1. around this age alani was a smoothie girl too. . .we need to get back to that, i'm sure we will with a second round of baby coming up through the ranks. . . and SUMMER fruits coming again :) i'll let you know if i find any good straw sources, we used these plastic lid/cup combos when alani was a baby, but of course. . . new era of "safety" with regards to plastics and such. let's keep each other posted. . . sneaky girl, posting TWICE while i was offline for a few days :)

  2. She makes some of the best faces!

  3. Andrea9:46 AM

    Hi! The Safe Sippy 2 cup comes with a straw attachment, you can buy just the straw and valve at some websites but I haven't found it anywhere in town. They recommend you not use it with chunky liquids so depending on the smoothieness of your smoothie....
    I can't figure out how to email you from this website (my brain is gone) so give me a call so we can get together, 2509763. Talk to you soon!


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