Friday, March 26, 2010

In Tribute

. . . to the last birthday balloon. It remained on the ceiling for six weeks straight! Wow. This past week, it slowly fell and is now a static-charged-dust collecting-hair ball and will soon meet it’s demise at my hand. But wow. I am honoring this simple, inexpensive little luxury for giving my daughter so much pleasure.


The ironic thing is, when James went to pick the balloon bouquet up before the party, there was a mix up, and he was sent home with the balloons without paying for them (James made another small purchase and so didn’t notice the discrepancy). So, our little scrupulous family made sure to return to the store and pay for them (there wasn’t even an order slip hanging around, and I had to tell them how much we owed them!). Still, that was the best birthday present we could have gotten her, and like Abraham and David both said, “It isn’t much of a present if you didn’t pay for it” (my words, not theirs), so I’m glad we did. :)

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  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I love it!! You will find as life goes on, that your children don't understand the cost, nor if something is a formerly owned by someone else item. They love the item because YOU gave it to them. She loved those balloons and still does I would and all.
    My love and respect to her parents for returning to the store to pay what was owed. Working at the place I do...I know that most people do not return to make things right unless it is in their favor...sad but true. Love you three, Mom


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