Tuesday, April 05, 2011

We bought a house today!


We bought our first house today! I can hardly believe it. Our nomadic life has ended and we are now settling into a place to call home where our children and pug dog can play.  We also joined the ranks of those who have a mortgage and the responsibility of house repair and upkeep.  But I think after all the frustrations of renting for 5 years, we’re ready for this new challenge.   I wish we could show you a picture of our blue farmhouse style home with a wrap around porch and a fenced yard on a corner lot, but alas, I am only “with it” enough to share this good news with you all! 

All I can say is I am so thankful to be so blessed to have been able to buy a home for our family to grow in before our baby comes.  I hope to be able to share pictures soon.  I can’t wait to get a little girls room painted for Clara, settle into my kitchen, and set up a little nursery!  My nesting instinct is in full swing; I just pray I have the energy and ability to do as much as possible in the next two months.

Write and let me know if you would like our new address, but we are official Palmer residents now!  Old hat for James, first time for me (a Wasilla Gal).  We are excited!  Sometimes in the long, difficult process of home buying we thought we’d never make it here.  Thanks for sharing in our joy!

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  1. I know you've waited a long time for this. I am happy for you and your sweet family!


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