Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clara Turns 3!

This poor, neglected blog!  Of course life has gone on whether I document it or not: birthdays, holidays, events, and just boring old life.  Here are a few pictures from Clara’s birthday back in February.

On Clara’s 3rd birthday, we were excited to celebrate with her, but found it a little tricky because we’ve been on a strict diet recently (GAPS, in case you are wondering).  My goal for her birthday was to be able to say, “YES!” to Clara when she has been so good about things for the many, many times I have to say No.  So every treat or sweet thing you see is my experimenting with things to give Clara a very special birthday.

On February 8, the 3 anniversary of Clara’s birth, we packed up a special picnic lunch and joined Daddy at his office in Palmer.  This was literally the second time the girls and I had ever been there.  It was a lot of fun.


A few days later, we celebrated with Grandma Kuenning, as February 8 is her birthday too.


On Saturday, we planned for a party at our house for the Smith’s to celebrate with us.


I was so proud of all the food.  Smile


Grandpapa and Granny brought helium to blow up balloons with.


The Pinterest inspired Cake turned out very cute as well.   I even made the center layer ice cream!  Although, the frosting left something to be desired (I think I have finally made strides in that department—just in time for Lydia’s birthday!).


Clara and her cousin Niqui enjoyed playing with “ice cream” and had a little impromptu tea party on the floor.



Lydia thought this was all very fun as well.


Now we just get to adjust to life with a three year old!


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  1. Melissa N.11:49 AM

    Thanks for sharing. You did an amazing job with everything! Happy birthday Clara!


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