Saturday, February 20, 2010

Britax Advocate CS Car Seat Giveaway


I am so hoping to win a car seat, and this one is a goodie! I love Britax. They are comfortable, secure, and very safe! Go on over to Baby Good Buys to enter. Plus, they have a simple form to fill out to enter the giveaway that is nice and streamlined. Have fun!

Update: I’m sorry! I should have posted that the giveaway was ending Friday. If you are interested in a Britax, this is a very good price for a Marathon, and it has free shipping! Other patterns are also on sale. I hope this helps!

1 comment:

  1. i was interested in entering, but did you see that it ended on friday night? i noticed this wasn't posted until saturday morning so i wasn't sure when you entered. . . . i think we'll need to buy a new carseat next week, as much as i'd love to wait around to win one. . .maybe i can work on that for when alani's still having to use a booster or something and the carseat's life runs out :)


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