Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adventures in Toddlerhood


So this morning was eventful.  Life has gotten interesting around our house.  Our 21-month-old recently has learned how to flush toilets, open round door handles, lock door handles, along with getting into everything she can reach.  Oh, and now she carries around a little step stool to get into MORE stuff that she can't reach.  Anyway.  It's been a crazy couple of days.  I keep reminding myself, "She's a toddler, she's a toddler." but I am going a little bonkers.


So this morning, after my Clara had eaten her breakfast, while she was puttering around with her toys and things, I took the dog out on a leash around the front yard.  Recently, she cries when I do this, but since there is six inches of snow outside, and I don't want to bundle her especially or have her run out on her bare feet, I closed the door behind me, and since she was happily doing her thing so I wasn't terribly worried.  When I heard her at the door though, I remembered, "Uh-oh, she can turn the lock in the door handle, and I don't have my keys." So I went back quickly, but it was too late.  She had locked me out of the house.  I knocked on the door and asked her to "Turn it, Sweetie" but she kept saying, "Huh?" and turning the door handle.  I stood there and kept turning the door handle and hearing her turn the door handle.  Finally, I dashed over to our neighbor lady and knocked on the door.  She didn't have her hearing aid so it took a really long time for her to come to the door and when she did, she didn't understand my frantic words.  Finally, she got her hearing aid and let me use her rotary phone (it made me feel like was in Russia again waiting for the little click clicks on the line).  I called everyone:   James (who's cell phone went straight to the answering machine so I knew it was dead), my MIL (who works at a bank down the road--I forgot it was Veteran's Day), my Mother (who is 40 miles away but might have some advice), my Dad's cell, my parents' second phone line, and TWO locksmiths and NO ONE ANSWERED!  Okay, one locksmith answered, but gave me a 2 hour wait.  So I called 911.  They said they would send an officer, but he would have no resource but to break the door down.  greensad.gif.  I told them I would wait on my own front porch and headed home, Titus still in tow.



When I got to my own front door, it opened as smooth as butter.  She had UNlocked it while I was at the neighbors.  She had also started my front loading washing machine with a pair of mittens in it.  I quickly got my phone to call 911 again to cancel the emergency and MY phone was dead!  Good grief!  I got enough juice in to call and cancel my emergency, but a patrol car drove by a few minutes later anyway.  I was so thankful that my ordeal ended without breaking my door down, but OH MY GOODNESS.  I was so stressed out!  What a morning!  I am taking my keys with me when ever I step foot out of my house OR CAR after this!


  Thank God He took care of all of us this morning!   

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  1. Funny, after the fact, of course. I was reading this the other day and Dave walked by and said, Oh, my goodness, that's a little Andrea. She looks just like her!


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