Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Clara Goes to the Zoo

I am so far behind in blogging.  I apologize, but I have to share these darling pictures we took back in August of Clara visiting the Denver Zoo.  Maybe I’ll get on top of things and catch up to the present, but don’t count on it! :)

* * *

What does an Elephant say, Clara?


This picture was taken with no zoom.  Yikes, Bear.  You stay there!




 IMG_9195 IMG_9196  IMG_9209  IMG_9222IMG_9219 IMG_9241 IMG_9234

My favorite people with my favorite zoo animals.  Aw.  Clara is two seconds from conking out.  Oh well, we enjoyed the rest of the zoo without her. :)

IMG_9226  IMG_9243

You do not want to know what a hippo uses for toilet paper.  Eww!


Don’t these guys look like they are business men waiting for taxis or something?


My favorite moment of the day!  I could have cried watching the baby giraffe nursing.  :)


And Clara woke up just in time to go inside the fish and reptile house. 

She’s so much fun!


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